Acquiring Sponsorships in a Down Economy

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Acquiring Sponsorships in a Down Economy As we talked about in a previous post, one of the best ways to leverage your fundraising event is to acquire sponsorship dollars. However, as you probably know this is easier said than done, especially in a down economy like we have seen in the last couple of years. So when you are seeking sponsorships for a fundraising event there are some things to keep in mind, which may assist you in generating sponsor dollars in a down economy. Make sure that you go after partners that have the same target market as your fundraising event. For example, GAME hosts the Leslies Lucky Ducky Derby with a presenting sponsor of Leslies pools supply. Bringing Leslies on board allows them to reach their target market, which is middle to upper class families who own their own homes. The Leslies Lucky Ducky Derby brings out families within the Scottsdale area, so our bottom lines match up really well, making the relationship for this fundraising event a success. Another way to acquire sponsors is by creating exciting and unique ways for them to generate maximum exposure about their product or service. As the organization hosting the fundraising event, your key objective is to gain dollars, or in kind goods or services. As a sponsor, their key objective is to gain maximum exposure and generate a high ROI. New and exciting mediums for exposure will generate interest for companies, and if you are competing for their dollars this can put your non profit at the top of their donor list. When it comes down to writing your sponsorship proposals be sure to quantify everything, especially the exposure you are going to give at and before your fundraising event. Finally, in this down economy you may find as a non profit that it is more logical to forge relationships with a couple larger sponsors, rather than a lot of smaller ones. Doing so will allow you to gear more time and energy into growing a couple relationships, as opposed to having to meet the needs of many small companies. This will also allow you to cut back on the amount of workforce that you put towards acquiring sponsors for your fundraising event.