Sales; How to Get the Best Out of Your Sales Teams

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Not all Fundraisers involve sales teams, some are geared 100% on marketing to drive traffic to an event at which time donors give. However, some fundraisers do involve selling like when boy scouts or girl scouts sell you cookies, or when you run a Derby Duck Race and you sell Derby Ducks. One of the hardest things to do is to keep your sales teams interested and excited?

These are some tips on how to motivate your sales teams and how to keep them interested in the final goal of raising funds for a cause. The simplest form of motivation for a sales team is to offer prizes for the best salesperson, or have awards based on the amount sold. In some sales generated fundraising events you have one person who year in and year out sells more than everyone else and this can deter people from even trying to sell. So it is up to you to think of unique ways to include team members who may sell, but not as much as everyone else. Our clients fundraising events are all geared on Derby Duck Sales, and some of our clients will give a monetary prize to the person that sells the winning duck. So this way every sales person, whether they sell 10 or 1000 items has an opportunity to win. So in a smaller fundraiser, it maybe $50 to the person who sells the 1000th candy bar.
Another way to motivate your sales team for a fundraising event is to offer non monetary incentives to anyone eligible. For instance, a lot of our clients use their current employees as a sales team and offer days off for every “x” amount of packages sold. Or another option is offering incentives to the whole team, such as a trip somewhere if the whole team sells “x” amount.

Keeping your sales teams motivated for fundraising events is a whole different game, because more than likely they are volunteering their time and/or they do not receive any commission off the sale. First, find out what your sales teams like, and then cater as best as possible to those needs and do so in a unique way. Allow them to get involved and get excited about what they are selling, and finally make sure they are excited about the cause.