Promoting Your Derby Duck Race for a Boys & Girls Club

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Every nonprofit organization that partners with GAME for a Derby Duck Race is different and unique in their own way. Although the overall promotion of your Derby Duck Race may be the same, there are different tips and tricks that different types of nonprofit organizations can use specifically to promote their race. Since not all organizations are the same, GAME is starting a blog series  featuring  different ways to promote your Derby Duck Race based on your type of nonprofit organization. In this week’s blog series we will provide tips on how to promote your Derby Duck Race for a Boys & Girls Club.

Boys & Girls Clubs can promote their  Derby Duck Race as a family-friendly event.  The Boys & Girls Clubs’ mission is to  enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens and racers can incorporate that mission in their promotion: Adopt a Duck and Help a Child. Here are some common ideas you can use in your promotions, marketing, and social media posts:


Include Club Members in your Photos

Include photos of kids having fun with the ducks, behind the scenes photos, and different activities the kids can enjoy with the funds that are raised with the duck race. As always, remember to get permission from the parents before using any photos.


What a Duck can Do

This campaign is great for every type of organization. The idea is to be specific on what each duck adoption can do for your club such as provide sports equipment to help kids stay active and healthy. Another example is to create a graphic to show what each duck adoption package will do for your club.  For example, a Quack Pack will give 5 club kids the chance to go on a field trip during the school year.


Team Competition for a Derby Duck Trophy

This is a great idea if your Duck Race will benefit more than one club in your area. Create a team for each club and award the winning club a “duck trophy” that they get to display at their club for the year until the next race with the goal to keep the trophy at their club. You can also attach a small event for the winning club/team to go with the trophy like a pizza party or ice cream social.


Youth of the Year as your Duck Ambassador

Duck Ambassadors are great to have a face and voice to represent your duck race. Allowing your Youth of the Year this special role is a great honor and motivates your club members to achieve this role. It also helps remind your community that the duck race is all about the kids.


Have Club Members Volunteer to Help with your Derby Duck Race

Having club members volunteer allows them to practice  their interpersonal skills within your community by allowing them to talk about the club and the duck race. Second, it again puts a real life image on how the duck race funds will directly impact your club. Third, it’s fun for the kids to help participate with the event and learn how fundraising works.

Other Great Ideas from our Boys & Girls Clubs Racers


Showcase your fundraising goal and offer kid-friendly duck promotion activities.


No matter what type of organization you are raising funds for you all have the same goal: to help those in need. Check back next week for the next part of this blog series. We will continue to post a blog each week throughout the fall to make sure you are ready for your 2016 race. If you have any ideas, please share with us on our Facebook page!