Is your Nonprofit Ready for Snapchat?

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Is your nonprofit ready for Snapchat? You may have heard of this rapidly growing social media app that is popular among the Millennial Generation but may not know exactly what it is. Snapchat is a fun mobile messaging application  that allows users to share short videos, photos, and drawings and send them directly to their friends or share a story. Here’s the catch, the photos and videos automatically delete out of the feed after 24 hours.

Why would a nonprofit organization want to take part in this?  On regular social media sites and apps a viewer may not always see your photos and videos, and if they do, they are not likely to view it more than once. Since Snapchat will delete the photo or video, it will allow you to gain full attention from your audience since they know they can’t view it again or they will take a screen shot to save it for later. Here are some ways you can utilize Snapchat for your nonprofit organization and Derby Duck Race.



When you are preparing for your Derby Duck Race or any other fundraising event, your audience may not know all the hard work you have to put into it. Creating a “behind-the-scenes” story leading up to your event will allow your audience to see another point of view they may not see on other social media sites. Examples include: a volunteer getting ready to put on the Quacky costume, action filming your promo video, volunteers taking a break from Duck Adoptions to take a selfie, etc.



You can partner with your event sponsors in which you have your followers snap a picture of them Adopting a Duck from a sponsor’s location and then you can snap them a coupon code to that sponsor’s business as a “thank you” for their Duck Adoption. This promotion is especially unique to only Snapchat users. You can also snap a coupon code of one of your sponsors on your story for a sense of urgency to visit that sponsor since that snap is only available for 24 hours.

Nonprofit on Snapchat 

Unique Way to Tell your Story

The story feature on Snapchat allows you to tell a story through a sequence of photos and videos for 24 hours. You can implement this with your “What a Duck can Do” campaign and showcase what your Duck Adoptions can do for your organization. For example, if your organization is a youth shelter or Boys & Girls Club you can snap videos and photos of meals served to children at your organization followed by a snap showing a tutoring session followed by some children playing basketball outside, followed by a photo of a group of children hanging out in a safe place. All of these situations are possible because of the fundraising your organization does. Make sure to also include a Derby Duck in your photos to tie everything together!

Share News Updates

Do you have some exciting news about your organization? Snapchat is a fun way to share news updates through video announcements. It’s different than your standard link that you post on your website and Facebook page and allows you to be more personable with your audience. You can also give your Snapchat audience a sneak peek to exciting news before releasing it on your website and other social pages.

Connect more with the Millennial Generation

According to Mashable 77% of college students use Snapchat daily and since its launch in 2011 about 86% of Snapchats overall users fall into the 13-37 age range. This provides a unique outlet to get in front of a new audience. According to reports it said that 73% of college-aged Snapchat users would open a snap from a brand they did not know and 70% would follow a new brand on Snapchat if they were already following them on other social media pages. Take advantage and join a site whose primary audience is the Millennials, even if you are snapping photos and video of your team saying hi, it will go a long way.


Allows your Followers to See a Different, Lighter Side to your Nonprofit

Snapchat has a variety of fun and unique camera filters that you can use on your photos and videos. These filters are meant for the user to have fun and in a sense be silly with their snaps. You can use these filters to show your followers the more fun and personable side of your nonprofit. Snapchat updates these filters consistently so there are always fun, new filters to look forward to share with your followers.

One of the biggest fears of joining a new social media platform for your organization is not knowing what to do. Our best advice is to sign up for Snapchat on a personal account and learn by doing. You will find that once you get used to it after a week that it is pretty easy and fun. Check out these nonprofits that are already on Snapchat that you can start following to get an idea of different ways you can bring awareness about your nonprofit and duck race!

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