Holiday Rubber Duck Race Promotion Ideas

Holiday Rubber Duck Race Promotion Ideas

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Keep the Rubber Ducks on everyone’s minds throughout the year by celebrating holidays. Here is a list of holiday rubber duck race promotion ideas that you can implement throughout the year.

Holiday rubber duck race promotion cookies

Valentine’s Day

Show some ducky love to your sponsors and send out a Quacky Valentine or cookies. You can also use valentines as a Save the Date for your race and mention opportunities to participate in the race as a sponsor.

Holiday rubber duck race duck brew

St. Patrick’s Day or St. Quacky’s Day

Partner with a local restaurant or pub and when someone adopts a duck on St. Patrick’s Day they will receive a free duck brew. Many communities also have a St. Patrick’s Day Parade that you can be a part of with Quacky or by using a duck balloon.

Holiday rubber duck promotion for Easer


Pair up with a popular Easter Egg Hunt in your area and hide junior Derby Ducks in addition to Easter Eggs. The child who finds the most ducks receives an additional fun prize.

Memorial Day / Labor Day

Memorial Day and Labor Day are big holidays for sales. Offer a special Duck Adoption package on this day only. For Example: Adopt 5 Ducks and get 2 Free!

July 4th

July 4th is great for getting together and grilling! Host a BBQ at your nonprofit and offer special duck adoption discounts if you attend the BBQ.


Offer a free Quack Pack for the following year’s race for those who dress up like a duck for Halloween. Have your fans send post photos on social media. If you are a youth-based organization, you can also send Quacky Trick-or-Treating with kids from your organization.

Holiday rubber duck race promotiion thank you plaque


Put together a scrap book or special thank you note with photos of your duck race and show your appreciation to your sponsors. If you have a Quacky costume, have Quacky hand deliver your thank you book.

Holiday rubber duck race gingerbread house


There are many fun ways to celebrate Christmas with Derby Ducks.

  • Send Christmas Cookies or Hot Chocolate to your sponsors and large donors
  • Participate in holiday parades
  • Send a Derby Duck Christmas Card
  • Dress Quacky up in a Santa Costume and visit different schools and clubs in your area
  • Duckorate your Holiday Party
New Year’s

New Year’s is all about making resolutions. Create a list of resolutions for your duck race for the upcoming year and share them with your organization, fans, sponsors, and volunteers. It’s great to set goals early on in the year.

How do you promote your Derby Duck Race during the holidays? Let us know!