Duck Race Promotions for All Year – Part 2

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Last month we posted some ways that you can promote your duck race all year.  Here’s the second part of the series which includes additional ideas for duck race promotions for all year.

Sponsor Appreciation

Show images of your sponsors and thank them for their support of this past year’s race.  You can also post pictures of Quacky visiting businesses who are your sponsors on your social media pages.

duck race promotions for all year Quacky visiting sponsor
Volunteer Appreciation

Post photos of your volunteers hard at work for your race and thank them.

Where’s Derby Duck or Quacky Contest

Take pictures with a Derby Duck or your Quacky mascot around your community and have people guess where Derby Duck or Quacky is.  It will surprise your fans to see Quacky out and about during the non-race season.  The person who guesses the correct location can get a free entry into the duck race or gets a chance to be entered into a prize drawing.

duck race promotions for all year where's franklin promotion

Here are two ways you can implement duck race promotions for all year during holidays.  For example,  National Sunglass Day is June 27th and you can have people post pictures of themselves on social media in their favorite shades and on that day they can receive a free duck adoption. National Rubber Duck Day is on January 13, 2017 and on that day you can post a fun photo of your Duck Race and how it has helped your nonprofit reach a milestone or specific goal.

duck race promotions for all year trivia question
Save the Date

Include a Save the Date image in your monthly newsletter if your duck race will be taking place more than 3-4 months out.  You can also post a Save the Date image on social media to help spread the word about your upcoming duck race.

duck race promotions all year save the date

Bring Derby Duck with You When You Travel

Post pictures of your adventures with Derby Duck when you travel.  Our nonprofit partner, Crosswinds Youth Services in Brevard, FL, took a trip to New York and brought Derby Duck to the Good Morning America Show and was able to get two TV personalities to talk about their duck race.

duck race promotions all year good morning america show
Photo Sponsor Book

Create a photo book about why you race Derby Ducks.  Share the book with potential sponsors throughout the year.  Chatbooks is a free app that allows you to create a 60-page photo book with captions for only $8.00.

duck race promotions all year sponsor photo book
Build Hype for Next Year

Just because your duck race is over doesn’t mean that the promotion of your duck race has to come to an end.  Start to build excitement for next year by telling media outlets about your success, bring the duck race up in conversations with friends and the community and include photos of Derby Duck every so often when you post photos of your nonprofit events or stories about staff or volunteers.

Share with us any other ways that you have promoted your Derby Duck race year round.