Importance of a Thank You

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Importance of a Thank You  

Our blog: Importance of a Thank You – has some ideas to remember in your “Thank Yous” to help increase returning donors, sponsors and duck adopters. This week GAME had the opportunity to attend the AFP Mid-America Conference.  One of the major topics that were repeatedly brought up was “Thanking your Donors.”  This not only works with donors but for your duck race sponsors and major adopters as well.

Here are some ideas to remember in your “Thank Yous” to help increase returning donors, sponsors and duck adopters:
  • A phone call from a member on your board.  It doesn’t need to be any longer than a 45 second conversation.  Your donor is more likely to remember your organization by receiving a personal phone call.
  • Be specific in how the donated money will be used. Knowing where the money is going is a more comforting feeling than donating to “empty space.” You don’t have to wait for the Thank You to do this. For example, Second Harvest of South Georgia was specific on their website:
    • 1 duck can feed a child a meal at our Kids Café program daily for a week
    • 5 ducks can provide an elderly person with lunch daily for a week
    • 10 ducks can buy milk for 100 kids at our Kids Café daily for a week
  • 1 page maximum. If you decide to send out Thank You Letters, do not make it any longer than a page. Make it specific and to the point. Furthermore, not a lot of people have the time to read anything longer.  You don’t want your most important message to get lost. Also, don’t forget to personalize the letter. If it’s addressed to a general name, it most likely won’t get read.
The rule of 3 Thank Yous for your Sponsors

Get in the habit of sending 3 Thank Yous:

  • 1st Thank You – When your sponsor agrees to help with your race. A quick, handwritten note will suffice. “Thank you [Your Sponsor] for contributing to our Duck Derby. We look forward to a fun, exciting event. -Your Organization”
  • 2nd Thank You – When you receive the check or prize from your sponsor. This should be on a company letter head. “Dear [Your Sponsor]- We have received your check for the Duck Derby and [Your Organization] would once again like to thank you for your contribution. This money will go to buying xx amount of treats for the animals at the shelter. We appreciate your support for [Your Organization].”
  • 3rd Thank You – After your Duck Race. In fact, this should be done within 48 hours whether it’s a phone call, a letter or even in person. “Dear John Smith- We had a successful Duck Derby and couldn’t do it without your contribution. The lucky winner of the prize you donated adopted 25 ducks and is ecstatic to come back next year. [Your Organization] is now able to purchase new computers for the children in our program. Thank you for being a part of our Duck Derby and we hope to see you again next year. – Your Organization”
  • Ad in the local newspaper. If you have the resources, this is a great way to thank your duck adopters as a whole and mention your sponsors. “Thank you [Your Town] for all the support and contributions for the 2014 Duck Derby. We raised $xx,xxxx with 5,000 duck adoptions all benefiting [Your Organization]. We can’t wait for another exciting event in 2015!”

There are many other different ways to show your gratitude. However, if you make the effort and take the time to thank your sponsors and duck adopters, it will impact your future Duck Races. Also, don’t forget to thank your volunteers and staff. You wouldn’t be able to put a Duck Race on without them! If you have any other ideas, please let us know!