Video – How to Get Event Sponsorships

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It is no secret that event sponsorships play a huge role in planning your Derby Duck Race. It can be the most difficult part. At GAME we strive to help organizations exceed with their duck races and part of that is to provide tools to help with sponsorships. Here is a video from Peter Poehle who is the CEO of SponsorMyEvent, a platform that connects organizers with sponsors, who discusses how to get sponsors the right way. Although it is worth the watch, we provided some highlights below and how it plays into your Derby Duck Race. Happy Racing!

    • Sponsorships today are still old fashioned (i.e. banners, logos). It makes it difficult for the consumer to link a sponsor logo to the organization. According to Poehle, this method of sponsorships needs to be changed and expanded.
    • Win-Win-Win Concept – The best kind of sponsorships are where not only do the sponsor and nonprofit benefit but so does the spectator. Win-Win-Win. This is a huge concept to try to utilize with your Derby Duck Races. Always think how you can involve your duck race fans/adopters and your sponsors with your race other than just asking for money.
    • Don’t get wrapped up in what your organization can provide to the sponsor. Design your sponsor package so it’s compelling to the sponsor, your organization, and your duck race adopters/fans. Be creative and take your time.
    • Treat your sponsor as a real partner, not just as a “cash cow.” Try to get your sponsor more involved with your event other than providing money and logos. It will bring more visibility and direct contact with your audience. Involve your audience as well keeping in mind the Win-Win-Win Concept.
    • Measurement – How can a sponsor measure the impact of the sponsorship of your duck race?  Google analytics and other tracking software are great tools to share reports with your sponsors to show how much traffic goes to your duck race website. Also be more specific on where you handed out your Adoption Papers rather than just stating their logo will be on 25,000 papers.
    • Utilize technology apps that also involve your sponsors. It’s a great way for sponsors to interact with the target audience.
    • Having a photo booth at your event provided by your sponsor is a great example of a Win-Win-Win. Encourage your sponsor to run the photo booth as it will allow your sponsors to interact directly with your race fans/adopters directly rather than just paying for a booth. It is something for your audience to enjoy at your duck race that involves everyone.
    • Another great example with car sponsors is to have the dealership offer free test drives or offer shuttle rides for your race spectators in their vehicle models to your duck race. A Win-Win-Win for everyone.
    • Surveys – Let one of your sponsors organize a quick survey for the day of your duck race. Have your sponsor speak directly with your duck race fans during the event while they conduct the survey. Remember to keep it short and simple. This will help your organization and your sponsor have a better understanding of your duck race demographic.

We encourage you to take the time to watch the above video and share some of your unique sponsorship ideas with us on our Facebook page!