Characteristics to Look for in a Successful Duck Race Team

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Every successful fundraising event wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of team members who put the event together. This is no different for a Derby Duck Race. What kind of personality, habits, and traits does it take to pull off this quacky event? Take a look at some of these characteristics you should look for in your team members when planning your Duck Race. You’ll find positivity will go a long way!

      • Good Listener – Great listening skills is an excellent quality to have in fundraising as it helps the communication flow run smoothly with your duck race plans. Often if you listen to others they will do the same for you. Communication is key when planning your duck race. It also comes in handy with donor relations. Listening to the donors interests show that you have an actual interest in what they are saying rather than your organization just asking for money.
      • Enthusiastic with the Ability to Motivate –  It’s important to be able to motivate your duck adopters,  major donors, and sponsors about your cause and organization will directly impact how much they are willing to give to your duck race. Having enthusiastic team members will help motivate your volunteers, staff, and even board members to get involved and be a part of your duck race. Remember that enthusiasm is contagious!
      • Hard Working – For anyone helping to plan your duck race event, it’s important to understand that it’s not a typical 9-5 job. There’s a lot of times you have to work on the weekends, attend dinners, off-site meetings, sell ducks at various locations in your community, etc. It’s important to have team members who understand this and are ready to give 110% to help coordinate your duck race, regardless of other commitments they may have.  It’s also important to reward your staff and volunteers for all their hard work they do. Appreciation will go a long way.
      • Dedicated and Loves the Job – The fuel for fundraising is the passion for the cause. This passion is what motivates your team to work hard, stay dedicated, and spread the word about your organization. If you love the work and your job, you’ll often find you’ll love the duck race and fundraising.
      • Organized – Organization is an essential trait to have in fundraising. You will need to be able to keep track of Duck Adoptions, Sponsors, Adoption Events, Software, Marketing, etc. When you are planning a duck race you will need to have numerous amounts of information ready at your fingertips so it’s important to have a way to keep it all organized to keep yourself from getting flustered. Even if it is not in your committee, you should still have an idea of what is going on and keep on top of it.
      • Self Starter – A self-starter is a great person to have on your team when planning a duck race. Self-starters are ready to take initiative to get things going and don’t typically wait around to be told what to do. Self-starters also tend to be creative and bring fresh ideas to your duck race fundraiser.
      • Desire to get out of the Office – Planning a duck race events provides plenty of opportunity to get out of the office and meet new people. Having those who enjoy being away from a desk are great to have on your team and send out to the “field” to meet with sponsors, sell Duck Adoptions, and promote your race.
      • Optimistic  – Pessimism is the enemy is any fundraising event. Having people who see the “glass half full” are great to have on your team as they will help motivate the rest of your group, even if things aren’t looking so great. Like self-starters optimistic people are generally creative and can bring fresh attitude and ideas to your duck race.

There are many other great traits and qualities your team may have while planning a duck race. Some may have 1-2 of these great qualities while others may have all of them. Either way having positive team members on your duck race committee is the key to a successful Derby Duck Race.