Duck Race Social Media Campaign – What A Duck Can Do

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There are several different duck race promotional campaigns you can do on your social media pages. We would like to introduce “What a Duck can Do” campaign that was inspired by one of our racers. The idea behind this campaign is to tell your audience what exactly their duck adoption will do for your organization and will inspire them to Adopt a Duck. Since some organizations cannot share pictures of their facilities and/or clients due to privacy concerns, this campaign is a great alternative to get your message across. You can create different images with various colors and messages but always keep the headline What a Duck can Do and overall template consistent. Here are some guidelines and tips when creating content for this campaign:

      • Websites like and are very user friendly to edit your pictures.
      • Use images that focus on a single duck (as opposed to event photos, raceways, group shots, etc.). This emphasizes how a small $5 Duck Adoption will benefit your nonprofit organization.
      • Post a What a Duck can Do image on your Facebook and Twitter pages 1-2 times a week while promoting your race. You don’t want to over saturate your feed with these pictures but you want to post them often enough to familiarize your audience with the campaign and the work that your organization does.
      • Use the hashtag #whataduckcando in your post.
      • Don’t forget to link directly to your duck race website when posting.


If you are specific about where your duck race funds will go, your duck adopters are more likely to adopt. When your race is over you can start a post-race campaign called “What Your Duck Did” and showcase pictures of the new items/programs your duck funds went to in the same template and format. It’s a great way to keep your Duck Adopters engaged with your organization! Follow us on Facebook for more duck race tips and campaign ideas!