Using Instagram to Showcase your NonProfit and Derby Duck Race

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Our blog this week, Using Instagram to showcase your nonprofit and Derby Duck Race, highlights how nonprofits can use Instagram effectively.  As a nonprofit organization, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constantly evolving social sphere.  There is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, but  Instagram for nonprofits?  Nonprofits are using Instagram to showcase their impact on the community, connect with their supporters and share their mission through photos.  It’s also a great branding tool because it can help engage audiences and provides visual storytelling about your organization and your Derby Duck Race.

For cause awareness, Instagram is a highly engaged community.  Your nonprofit will likely receive more Instagram likes than Facebook likes and Twitter retweets combined, and it’s a community that is very responsive to nonprofits and images and videos that foster social good.

 Some facts about Instagram: 
      • Instagram is a mobile photo and video sharing app and is the largest social mobile network in the United States.
      • It has 300 million users and 18- 29 years old are the largest user group, followed by 30-49 year olds.
      • All users have a web-based profile, but photos and videos and only be uploaded through the mobile app. Currently on Instagram you are not able to add a website link in your posts, but you are able to add a link to your Instagram profile.
      • Videos play length is a maximum of 60 seconds.
Instagram Best Practices for Non-Profits:
  1. To get started, download the Instagram app.  After registering with an email address, you create a username and password.  Your username can be your organization name or if you have a long organization name, the acronym for your non-profit.
  2. You need to post regularly, at least once a day. Photos can be a snapshot of your Duck Race team, a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes action of your Duck Race, or a promotional graphic or inspiring quote. Photos can also include a picture of volunteers taking phone calls, tagging ducks or helping out at a fundraising event. During duck race season, post fun images from your duck race or Quacky out on the town visiting sponsors.
  3. Every post should tell a story about your nonprofit’s impact.  Whatever your mission, make sure that some of your photos show this impact whether it be a smiling face or an empty food pantry after the holidays.
  4. Post statistics in your captions.  For example, the number of families that were fed last year because of proceeds from the Duck Race.
  5. Shooting a video? Provide context in the caption.  Describe the events leading up to the moments captured in the video, or what happened shortly after.
  6. Call Your Visitors to Action – Just because you are posting photos doesn’t mean you can’t ask people to act.  Instagram doesn’t allow you to put active links directly in your captions. What you can do is let visitors know how to access your duck race or nonprofit website links by including a live link in your Instagram profile bio.
  7. Add hashtags to captions. Nonprofits that use hashtags on Instagram have twice as many followers as those that don’t.  Another way to grow your Instagram following is to regularly like images posted by others.
  8. Limit your use of filters when uploading your photos.  Photos with no filter have the highest engagement rate.
  9. Use Canva, PicMonkey, or InstaCollage to add text to your photos that you upload to Instagram.  All editing tools are free and easy to use.
  10. Follow other nonprofits on Instagram for inspiration and see what they like to post.  Have fun!

Do you use Instagram to promote your Duck Race?  We would like to hear you comments!


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