Promoting Your Derby Duck Race for a Kiwanis or Rotary Club

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Throughout this blog series we have touched up on different ideas on how to promote your Derby Duck Race based on your type of nonprofit organization. This week we are going to focus on tips to promote your Derby Duck Race if you are in a local community service club such as Kiwanis, Rotary, or City Chamber.

Community service clubs already have a strong presence within the community due to the various projects they work on throughout the year. This is something to use to your advantage and should be no different when promoting your Derby Duck Race. Instead of focusing all your promotion through online channels, stay active in your community and use online tools as a secondary resource to promote your race. Here are some different ways to be active in your community with your Derby Duck Race.



Parades are great to participate in since they already have the support of the community and generally have a large attendance. The 15′ and 5′ Derby Duck Balloons and Quacky mascots provide great exposure for your race. Be sure to have some sort of banner to hold or hang around the balloons neck that provides important information about your race: race name, location, date, call to action, sponsor logos and organization. After the parade is over, make sure you have an Adoption Table set up with information and Adoption Papers.

Grand Prize

Duck Mobile Car Wraps

Car wraps and decals are great to promote your Derby Duck Race since you will be driving around your community for both personal and professional reasons. It’s also not every day you get to see ducks on a car. There are a couple of options of wrapping a car:

  • Grand Prize – If your grand prize happens to be a car or truck then ask your sponsor if you can wrap the vehicle and showcase it at different Duck Adoption and community events.
  • Duck Mobile – If you don’t have a car as a prize but still have a dealership as a sponsor, ask the dealership if they are willing to loan a wrapped vehicle (aks your Duck Mobile) for you to drive around during the 6 weeks you are promoting your race. This can be a part of their sponsorship value.
  • Decal – If you can’t wrap an entire vehicle, you can always print a smaller decal to put on your vehicle’s windows or doors. Check your local printing shops for decal services.


Balloons and Quacky Costumes

The 5′, 15′ and 20′ Duck Balloons are a quacktastic eye-catcher and a great added value for your sponsorship packets. Duck Balloons help let your community know where they can Adopt a Duck without having to do any additional research. Rotate the locations you place your Duck Balloons to keep your community guessing where it will be next.

The Quacky costume is meant to be the mascot of your Derby Duck Race. Quacky should make appearances at schools, local events, Adoption events, media opportunities, etc. You can even have Quacky throw the first pitch at a local baseball game! Children also love taking photos with Quacky.


Utilize Social Media with a Twist

Instead of using social media to direct your audience to your website, you can use social media to communicate with your duck race fans and let them know about upcoming information leading up to your race such as a Save-the-Date, Adoption Events, Quacky appearances, and acknowledge your sponsors. Since you are already out in the community, social media is a secondary tool that will help inform your fans on where to find you so they can learn more about your race and Adopt a Duck. Including a link to your website is always a good idea but doesn’t need to be the main focus in all of your posts.


Shout Outs to Community Partners and Giveaways

Another way you can use social media is to provide small giveaways from local businesses. Games such as Where’s Quacky, trivia, duck riddles, and photo contests are all fun ways to gather community participation with your duck race. Offer small prizes from local businesses such as a gift card to a donut shop or a free car wash. Everyone wins since you provide exposure to a local business, your duck race and organization, and your duck fans/donors.

Check back next week for the continuation of our promotional blog series and visit our Facebook page to share your ideas with us and our racer community.