Derby Ducks for the Holidays

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Happy December! The Derby Ducks may be on a nice, well-deserved vacation during their off season but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be a part of your holiday festivities! It is important to periodically soft-promote your Derby Duck Race throughout the year to keep your community engaged with your event. Here are some different ways you can incorporate the Derby Ducks in your nonprofit organization’s holiday activities.


Duck Sugar Cookies

Cookies and holidays go hand in hand. You can host a cookie decorating party at your organization and include duck shaped cookies. It’s a great family-friendly activity for everyone to enjoy. You can also send duck-shaped sugar cookies to your sponsors and wish them a happy holiday and thank them again for their support in your Derby Duck Race.



Create a Derby Duck Christmas Card

GAME has some Derby Duck holiday images that you can use to create your own holiday cards to send to your sponsors and/or large donors. Picmonkey and Canva are free, easy-to-use websites you can use to create a card. You can send these out electronically or attach them to the duck sugar cookies.



Holiday Parades

A holiday parade is a great opportunity to participate with your Quacky mascot or duck balloons. You can throw a Santa hat on Quacky and have him pass out candy canes with a tag with your organization’s name on it (or Save the Date for your race if you have a date chosen) or hang a holiday banner around the neck of your duck balloon. It’s a fun way to make use of your costume and balloon post-race season.



Duck Mugs

Create a fun photo mug featuring photos of Derby Ducks or your race and send them to your large donors and/or sponsors as a gift. Include hot chocolate mix and marshmallows to make it extra special. You can even use these mugs as giveaways during your duck race season or include them with any other holiday event you are hosting.


Create a Duck Race Calendar

Create a fun duck race calendar for the following year to give to your sponsors and donors and/or sell them to your community. Feature photos of your Derby Duck Race as well as photos of how the duck race funds has helped benefit your organization.


Include Ducks in your End-of-Year Party

The whole party doesn’t need to be duck themed but you can incorporate ducks by adding junior or corporate ducks to table tops, adding your duck race logo to cocktail napkins, or even include a special “ducktail” cocktail to serve at your party. Remember to invite your sponsors and large donors. It’s always nice to be included in an organization’s event without being asked for a donation.


Where’s Derby Duck

Are you going on a holiday vacation? Take a Derby Duck with you and take photos to post on your social media pages to show your fans how much fun Derby Duck has on their duck race break.

We hope everyone has a great holiday season and if you have any tips on incorporating your duck race in your holiday plans, let us know on our Facebook Page!