Derby Duck Race Spotlight – Fayetteville, NC

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Our blog this month: Derby Duck Race Spotlight – Fayetteville, NC features Fayetteville Urban Ministry who has been racing with GAME for five years.  Every one of GAME’s nonprofit partners and Derby Duck Races are unique and different in their own way. This allows us to  get a different perspective on different ways to host this type of fundraiser. Each month we are spotlighting one of our racers so the rest of our racer community can have the opportunity to learn from each other to further grow their Derby Duck Races.

Organization Name: Fayetteville Urban Ministry, Inc.
Race Name: Fayetteville Duck Derby
Years Racing with GAME: 5, approaching 6
Head Duck: “Quacky” is Duck.   Johnny Wilson, Executive Director


Derby Duck Race Spotlight - Fayetteville, NC

Tell us a little bit about your organization and why you are racing Derby Ducks:

We are a nonprofit organization that serves 8,000-10,000 individuals/families each year 100% free of cost. This is our largest fundraiser that effectively generates good cash flow for us to serve clients.

 What is your favorite part of planning a Derby Duck Race:

The actual day of the race, everyone waits eagerly to see ducks dropped in the water.


 How do you keep your race fresh and new year after year?

Partnering with different nonprofits, changing the venue of kickoff, and changing up the way we kickoff (gala, dance, run etc.).

 What is something some people might not know about your organization and/or Derby Duck Race?

We have been fortunate to give away a car or camper to the winner for 5 years running.

  car prize 1 quacky

What are some goals you are trying to achieve with your Derby Duck Race?

Obviously raise the most proceed bar each year, partner with all area nonprofits, and sell out all ducks ordered.

 Favorite phrase or quote?

“Shucky Ducky” “Quack Quack!”

 Favorite Ducktionary Phrase?