Derby Duck Race Spotlight – Greenville, SC

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Our blog this month, Derby Duck Race Spotlight – Greenville, SC we will get to know the Rotary Club of Greenville Evenng in Greenville, SC.  Every one of GAME’s nonprofit partners and Derby Duck Races are unique and different in their own way. This allows us to  learn different perspectives on different ways to host this type of fundraiser. Each month we are spotlighting one of our racers so the rest of our racer community can have the opportunity to learn from each other to further grow their Derby Duck Races.

Organization Name:  Rotary Club of Greenville Evening

Race Name: Reedy River Duck Derby

Years Racing with GAME:   This will be our 12th year

Head Duck:  Ed Irick; Assistant Head Duck: Candy Surkin

Tell us a little bit about your organization and why you are racing Derby Ducks:

We are a service organization raising funds to support local children and family charities and programs in Greenville, SC.

What is your favorite part of planning a Derby Duck Race?

The relationships and partnerships we develop with our vendors, supporters, non-profit organizations, the City of Greenville, and the local community.  We also like the excitement and enjoyment we generate in the community about the event.


Do you have any duck race tips you would share with a first time racer?

Make sure you have a committed team of willing and able workers.  Get as many sponsors as possible.  Start the planning process early.  Don’t try to do everything the first year.  Start out slowly and get your feet wet.

How do you keep your race fresh and new year after year?

We brainstorm and develop new ideas; get new entertainment; ask new members to chair and work on committees to bring a new perspective; and we have new activities and fresh PR.


What is something some people might not know about your organization and/or Derby Duck Race?

Rotary is the largest service organization in the world with 1.2 million members in clubs worldwide.   Our club is one of 53 clubs in District 7750 in the Upstate of South Carolina.   Most people don’t know the amount of work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes of the Duck Derby Race.

 What are some goals you are trying to achieve with your Derby Duck Race?

We want to increase the amount we are able to give to our local charities.  In addition, we want to provide a quality family event on an annual basis for the Greenville Community.  We want to increase awareness and understanding of Rotary in our local communities.

Favorite phrase or quote?

“Adopt a duck, help a child”