Blog Content Ideas for your Nonprofit

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Since blogging has become an essential marketing tool for brands and nonprofits we have highlighted some blog content ideas for your nonprofit. Blogging used to be called “virtual journaling” and for good reason. It started out as a way to express personal thoughts and ideas.  Nonprofits are using blogging to engage supporters and drive more traffic to their website.  Blogging is also another way you can showcase your Derby Duck Race with photos, videos, adoption event information, and more.

We recently posted a blog about the Importance of Blogging for Your Nonprofit which lists reasons why your nonprofit should be blogging.  Listed below are some content ideas you can use when planning a blogging strategy for your nonprofit:

Blog Content Ideas

  • Format your Nonprofit’s Cause and Programs into Numbered Lists. Numbered lists have broad appeal on mobile and social media and are often read by individuals who have never been exposed to your nonprofit. An example could be: Five Reasons Why Conserving Wildlife is Important or Ten Simple Ways to Serve Your Local Community. Another example could be: Nine Powerful Stats about Domestic Violence in America.
Blog content ideas for your nonprofit - numbered lists

Numbered Lists

  • Summarize Research Reports and Studies.  Summarize the key findings of recently released researched reports or studies on your blog.  Since most reports are released with a hashtag, you gain access to new readers by using the hashtag on social networks.
  • Photo Essays. Photo essays are great for telling a story about the mission of your nonprofit or a success story. If possible, include at least 5 images and have large bolded captions that explain what is happening in the photo. In addition,  include a call to action at the end of your blog.
  • Share Resources Relevant to Your Cause.  An arts organization could write about the top 10 museums to visit in a lifetime.  An environmental organization could write an article about the which commonly used food packaging items can be recycled.  Use the internet to search countless articles on health, lifestyle, family and popular culture for resources.

Share resources relevant to your cause

  • Show How Derby Duck Race Proceeds are Having an Impact on your Nonprofit.  Create an infographic showing how proceeds from your duck race were used and the impact they had.  The What A Duck Can Do campaign in which you are specific about what each duck adoption can do shows donors how their donation made a difference.
  • Share the story of one individual in your community and the impact a donation had on their life. You can always use a duck image in order to protect the privacy of your clients.

Share an individual’s story

  • Interview Donors and Volunteers – If you want to create a community of long-term givers, send a list of interview questions to your donors and volunteers.  Ask unique questions such as the next country they would like to visit and why. Highlight a particularly powerful moment a volunteer had while volunteering at your nonprofit or during your duck race.
  • Go behind the Scenes – Many donors and supporters want to see what happens behind the scenes at your nonprofit. You can take behind the scenes photos leading up to your Derby Duck Race and also interview staff and volunteers as they are preparing for an event.

Go behind the scenes

  • Highlight upcoming volunteer opportunities – You can post a link from your volunteer page on your duck adoption site in your blog during duck race season and throughout the year keep people informed of other volunteer opportunities within your organization.
  • Share a relevant quote and discuss how it relates to the work you’re doing. Create an image in Canva or PicMonkey with the quote so that you can include a visual with your post.
  • Describe your 1, 5 and 10 year plans for improving your community. This type of post would work well in an infographic.

Nonprofit wish list

Other blog content ideas include:
  • Provide a wish list of items you need at the moment.
  • Post a list of must-go-to-events in your community supported by your organization.
  • Highlight local or state legislation that impacts your cause.  Encourage your readers to take action against or in support of the legislation.
  • Share relevant blogs that you routinely read and explain why you like them.
  • Talk about what would happen in your community if your nonprofit disappeared tomorrow (but wrap it up with hope).

Keeping the content you post diverse will make writing the blog and as a result, it will be more enjoyable to write and less of a chore.  Do you have any blogging content ideas you would like to share with us?  Let us know.