8 Ways Children can Volunteer for your Derby Duck Race

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One of the great things about a Derby Duck Race is that it is fun for all ages! Here are 8 ways children can volunteer for your Derby Duck Race and have fun while doing it!


Adoption Events

Adoption events are a great way for children to practice their interpersonal skills with your community. They also provide a great opportunity for children to learn about your nonprofit organization and cause from an early age. The more practice they have speaking about your organization will help with their confidence. In addition, it may even lead them into being seasoned volunteers for your organization in the future.



Duck Ambassadors

Duck Ambassadors work really well for those organizations whose causes are around children. The idea is to have one (or a few) children represent your duck race as your duck ambassador. Duck Ambassadors get to attend most of the adoption events and participate in media interviews.  They can wear a special duck necklace or pin to show that they are a part of this special honor.



Video / Photo Promotions

Videos and photos are great opportunities for children to participate in and allow them to feel like a star for a day. It’s fun and provides unique experience for kids to learn about the “behind-the-scenes” tasks in promoting an event. It will also show your community how family-friendly your duck race event will be! Make sure to have any necessary waivers/permission from parents first!



Duck Derby Art Contest

Children in your community can get involved in a Duck Derby Art Contest. They can color an image you post on social media or that is available at various businesses where you are have duck adoptions.  The winner gets their photo featured on posters and marketing collateral that you print to promote your duck race.



Tagging Party

It takes a full team of volunteers to de-tag and re-tag thousands of ducks. Tagging is a simple process allowing it to be easy for any age. Add in some music, refreshments, and your Quacky mascot and it’s another fun event for children to enjoy while helping out your organization!


Students ready to launch ducks sharpened 

Launching of Ducks

If you have high school students such as Key Club members or Honor Society members helping out with your duck race, those students can be responsible for launching the ducks on race day if that option is available.  If you are launching ducks by emptying duck totes into a lazy river at a water park, for example, the high school student team who sold the most ducks can get the honor of launching the ducks on race day.



Plucking the Winning Ducks

If you are a nonprofit whose focus is on children such as a Boys and Girls Club or Youth Shelter, you can have a child pluck your winning ducks on race day if you are doing a Duck Pluck.  Allowing your Duck Ambassador or Youth of the Year this special role of plucking the winning ducks is a special opportunity for youth and will also be a reminder to your community that the duck race is all about being a kid-friendly fundraising event.



8 ways children can volunteer for your Derby Duck Race - duck clean up crew

Duck Clean Up Crew

It can take an army to make sure all your ducks make it out of the water! Depending on the type waterway, you can enlist children of all ages to help scoop out the ducks and get them rinsed off. Offering a special t-shirt or duck item to those who help clean up will make kids feel extra special and a part of your race.

When children start volunteering at a young age, they are more likely to continue to volunteer for your organization and/or other nonprofits when they are older so it’s important to show how much fun volunteering for your Derby Duck Race can be! What are some ways children are involved with your race? Share with us!