Using Facebook LIVE Video for your Nonprofit

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Using Facebook LIVE Video for your nonprofit can be one of the fastest routes to gain a following on your Facebook page. Since videos are the most shareable posts on Facebook, Facebook has been working on creating ways you can optimize your video posts. Last year Facebook launched Live Video for public figures and celebrities to stream live footage to their followers. Over time Live Video has become available for public pages to use to promote their business. Nonprofits can also capitalize on Live Video for their causes and fundraising events. Here are some tips you need to know about using Facebook Live Video for your nonprofit and Duck Race.

The Basics:

  • First and foremost, Live Video is only available for those Facebook pages that are verified. To know if your page is verified you will see a little check mark next to your page name. If your page is not verified, you can follow the steps to do so here. This is so Facebook can make sure your organization is real and they will verify you by calling your organization and provide you with a verification code.
  • As of right now, you can only broadcast live from your iPhone. Live Video is not yet available on PC, desktop, and other mobile devices. However, we can expect that to change as time goes on.

Using Facebook Live Video for your Nonprofit

  • To start a Live Video, you need to be signed in on your Facebook page. When you go to publish a post you will see several gray icons. You may already be familiar with the photo icon, emotion icon, and check-in icon but there will be a new icon for Live Video with a silhouette image with two rings around it. Click this and Facebook will set up your camera to go live. You won’t go live right away until you click “Go Live” once you are set up and situated.
  • Once you go live, Facebook will automatically will notify your followers that you are live in their notifications. It’s always a good idea to post ahead of time to your followers when you plan on going live so they know to check back at that time.
  • Once you are done going live, your video will be posted and saved in your “videos” section on your page for your followers to view.


Tips Using Live Video:
  • Make sure you are prepared before going live. Although you can edit the description, keywords, and tags of the video once aired, you can’t actually edit the content in the video. Your video shouldn’t be scripted but make sure you have an idea of what you are going to say and do in your video to avoid repetition and awkward pauses.

  • The microphone works best when you are in “selfie” view. If you are using “3rd person” view, make sure to speak loudly and clearly.
  • Double check that you have a good Wi-Fi connection. You don’t want your video to cut out mid feed!
  • Periodically introduce yourself in your video. Some of your followers may not recognize you and/or know who you are. Or they may have not caught the beginning of your live feed where you introduce yourself.
  • Be selective on which videos should be live. Don’t broadcast just to broadcast. Your live videos should be treated as something special to share with your followers. If you go live too often, your followers will tend to unsubscribe and turn their notifications off.

  • Encourage and chat with your fans during your broadcast. Fans have the capability to comment while you are live so don’t ignore them. Be personable when responding by using their first name only. Also, provide links in the comment section about the topic you are discussing (i.e. your duck adoption website if you are talking about your race) so your followers can find out more information.
  • Your description of your video should be short and sweet. This is essentially the title of your video and it will be what your followers see in their notifications.
  • Unlike regular posted videos, with live videos the longer the video the better. Facebook recommends your live videos should be 5-20 minutes long. This gives your followers a chance to log in and see your video while it’s live. The longer the video provides more opportunity for your followers. Live videos will cut off at 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Try to avoid the talking head for your entire video. It’s ok to talk directly to your fans but also remember to be interactive and show different things in your video.
  • Don’t live broadcast by yourself. Have at least one or two people to assist with the camera and monitoring/responding to comments while you are live so you don’t get flustered.
  • End your video with a Call to Action. Whether it’s to Adopt a Duck, sign up for your email list, share your video, etc., it’s important to remind your fans of why they watched your video.


Different Ideas for Live Video:
  • Your Duck Race and other fundraising events are great to live broadcast, especially for those who can’t attend the event.
  • Q’s & A’s – This is a great opportunity to answer your FAQ’s and answer any questions from your followers who are commenting during your broadcast. You can even have a different staff member answer questions each week to give your fans the opportunity to meet members of your organization.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Tour – Show your followers what your mission is all about!
  • Feedback from your Fans – Do you have a new project, idea, logo, or initiative that you want instant feedback from? This is a great way to make your fans feel like they are also a part of your organization.
  • Big Announcements – You can announce your duck race winners live, achievements and fundraising goals of your organization, new staff members, new projects, etc. Be sure to tease the big announcement ahead of time!

  • How-To’s and Demonstrations – Arts and crafts, safety demonstrations, how-to Adopt a Duck online, etc. are just a couple examples of what you can broadcast.
  • Live “Take Overs” by a Local Celebrity – Do you have a popular anchor, radio host, athlete in your community? Have them do a live video on your page as a “take over” to discuss your organization, cause, duck race, and other events. They can promote the takeover on their pages to attract their fans to your page.

Have you used live video yet? Share with us your tips and ideas!