How to Increase your Facebook Page’s Reach – Organically

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As the popularity of Facebook has grown over the years, Facebook’s team has been working hard creating algorithms and formulas that control what you see in your news feed. Overtime Facebook introduced paid advertising to help businesses and organizations show their content to targeted audiences. Paid advertising  has made it a little more difficult to reach your audience organically.  So how can you increase your reach without spending a lot of money you don’t have? Check out these tips on how to increase your Facebook Page’s reach organically and ways you can grow your audience following.

Tips on How to Increase your Facebook Page’s Reach Organically
  • Consistency – Always remember that your Facebook posts are an “advertisement” for what your fans can expect to see from your page. Be consistent with your posts and have a plan. Pay attention to your insights. If you see one type of post that does not engage well with your fans, you may need to re-think if you need to post it or brainstorm a different tactic of posting that content that appeals to your fans.
  • The Rule of 3s – An easy way to give your fans a little bit of everything is to categorize your posts and spread them out:
    • One post about your duck race or fundraising event
    • Another post about your organization, cause, mission, etc.
    • A third post about Evergreen content. i.e. funny photos, jokes, random content, etc.

This will help you spread out the quantity and quality of your posts so your fans don’t see too much of one type of post. When you are making your Facebook calendar, color code each type of post. This will help you visually see if your posts are evened out.

  • Posts Should be Engaging – When someone likes, comments, or shares a post on any page, that will pop up in their friends’ news feeds, regardless if their friends like your Facebook page. Make sure your posts are aimed to get a like or comment:
    • Ask a Question – Ask a question that is easy to answer that your fans can’t resist to answer. Make sure it isn’t too broad by giving multiple choice options. For example:
      • What do you want to see at next year’s duck race? 1. Face Painting 2. Live Music 3. A Bouncy House or 4. More Vendors This is a better question to ask rather than “What do you want to see at next year’s duck race?”
      • Quacky needs help! He/She can’t decide between New York Style or Chicago Style Pizza! Which do you prefer? This topic is a great topic that people can’t resist to answer. If you have a pizza sponsor you can tie them in too!
    • Irresistible Click – This is also known as “click-bait.” Don’t overuse “click-bait” as Facebook will mark you as spam and consider your page as to not having quality content. However, it does work when used every once in a while, especially when posting lists. For Example:
      • “10 Reasons to Attend the Duck Race this Year! Reason #5 is new!” This prompts the user to click your link to find out what #5 is.
    • Customize your Photos – This works well for redirecting your fans to your blog or website through a link. Show only a portion of the photo on your page in which a user has to click the link to see the full photo. For Example:
      • “You won’t believe where Derby Duck wandered off to!” For the photo, zoom in on Derby Duck but don’t reveal the location. When someone clicks the link they will see the full photo along with whatever blog, news story, website, etc. This can also work well to tie in your sponsors.
    • Keep your Photo Posts Simple – Your caption doesn’t need to be a paragraph long. One sentence or a link will do. Let the photo speak for itself. Adding text within the photo will also help keep your caption short.

How to Increase your Facebook Page’s Reach organically by blogging  How to Increase your Facebook Page’s Reach organically by posting a fun image

  • All about the VIDEOS – Videos are growing more on Facebook as they are the most shareable posts and are optimized for reach. It is also said by 2019 that 80% of the way we communicate online will be through video. Here are a couple tips to utilize video:
    • Videos work best with little or no text in the caption. Don’t include a link with the video. Let the video be the main star of the post.
    • Add text to your video instead of the caption. Most people will watch a video with no sound so text will help guide your viewer through the video and keep them watching.
    • Try Facebook Live Video – they are the priority in your fan’s news feed. Live videos will become regular videos after you are done broadcasting. Check out our previous blog for Facebook Live Video Tips.
    • Shoot your videos horizontally to avoid the “ugly black bars.”
  • Post at Non-Peak Times – Between 10pm – 3am in your audience’s time zone your posts will stand out more as other pages don’t normally post during these hours. You can find your page’s peak hours through your insights.
  • Post Original Photos – Original photos, as opposed to shared photos and stock photos, get picked up more in the news feed.


  • Be Available to your Fans – Respond to your fan’s comments in a timely manner. It shows that you care and will keep them coming back.
  • Be Positive – There’s enough negativity floating around on the internet (especially during an election year). Give something positive for your fans to see and look forward to.
  • Local Celebrities and Social Media Celebrities – Do you have a favorite news anchor in your community? Or maybe a popular well-known chef? Ask them if they can “takeover” your Facebook page. This is best done through Live Video in which they take over your page and talk to your fans. They can also share that they are taking over to their fans to draw them to your page. Also, consider reaching out to social media celebrities. Sure, you may have never heard of them but if they have a big following on their pages, they can be a big help working together with your organization and reaching their fan base.

Do you have any tips that work well on your Facebook page? Share with us!