10 Ideas to Keep Up the Derby Duck Race Excitement Year After Year

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GAME partners with over 85 nonprofit organizations worldwide to help raise funds through the signature Derby Duck Race events. Many of these partnerships have been racing ducks for only a couple years while others are long time veteran racers with over 10 years under their belt. How do our veteran racers keep their duck races going every year? Check out these ideas to keep your duck race exciting and relevant in your community.

10 Ideas to Keep Up the Derby Duck Race Excitement Year After Year

1. Quacky Mascot

Do you have a Quacky mascot? If not, Quacky is a great way to introduce a new element to your race. If you do have a Quacky mascot, you can enhance your Quacky appearances at your sponsor locations, duck adoption events, media appearances, etc. with the goal to have Quacky be a staple in your community. You can even have Quacky do surprise appearances at different locations and record them on Facebook Live Video to keep your fans guessing where Quacky will pop up next!

2. Duck Race Ambassador

If you don’t have a Quacky mascot, you can select someone from your organization to be your official Duck Ambassador for your race. This is a special privilege in which your Duck Ambassador gets to participate in all your Adoption Events, media and sponsor appearances, overall motivator for your race, etc. Your Duck Ambassador is essentially the voice of your race and if you do have a Quacky mascot, then your Duck Ambassador and Quacky can team up. Being selected as the Duck Ambassador is a special honor and can be anyone from a staff member to volunteer to someone benefitting from your nonprofit. It’s also a great way to gain media attention.

3. Update the Look of your Duck Race Brand

Have you been using the same duck race logo for several years? It might be time for a refresh. You can tease an unveiling of your “new look” on your website and social media pages. If possible, you can unveil the new logo on a local media segment or do so on your Facebook page through live video. Remember, you can update your overall look but make sure your race name and tagline remain the same.

4. Add a Special Event

Although we recommend to keep your duck race simple during your first few years, adding a small event to your duck race is another fun way to bring something new to your race. Fun events can be anything from a 5k Duck Waddle/Walk/Run, Duck-a-thon competitions with media partners and/or sponsors competing against each other, new/additional music entertainment, VID Party or a party for the winning duck adoption team, and more!

5. Enhance Team Competitions

How organized are your teams? Try implementing a team competition program in which you provide team sales kits, a small team kick-off party, VIP area at your race for the winning team, etc. Add incentives in a tier structure to encourage your team members to adopt ducks such as:

  • 50 ducks and receive 2 free movie passes
  • 100 ducks and receive 2 passes to the local amusement park
  •  200 ducks and receive a free PTO day

6. New Duck Race Chair

Bringing in a new Head Duck is a good way to bring overall change to your duck race. Having a new person in charge brings in a new set of eyes, new contacts, fresh enthusiasm, and new committees. This also helps prevent the current Duck Race Chair to burn out on exhaustion. This doesn’t mean the current duck race chair has to go away completely but gives them a chance to take a step back and relax while still helping out.

7. Join a New Social Media Site

Is your nonprofit on Twitter? Instagram? Snap Chat? Step out of the box and try a new social media site. This will allow you to do different promotions and reach a new audience specific to that site.

8. Restructure your Sponsorship Levels and Partnerships

Ask your current sponsors if there is anything new they are looking for this year and how you can combine it with your duck race. Take a look at your sponsorship levels and see what you can move around. Having a sponsor logo on your Adoption Papers may have a different value than when you first started. Revisiting your partnerships not only brings change to your race but your sponsors will appreciate that you are open to new ideas.

9. Duck Race Suggestion Box

What better way to improve your race other than hearing what your fans want? Asking suggestions from your community on what they want to see at your event provides new ideas and inspiration to enhance your race in the following years.

10. Chat with Other Duck Racers

One benefit of partnering with GAME is that we are a whole duck race community. We can put you in touch with our other partners so you can share different duck race ideas that you can utilize for your own race!

What are some ways you keep your Derby Duck Race new every year? Share with us on Facebook!