Success from the Start: 5 Things to Know when Considering a Derby Duck Race Fundraiser

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Here at GAME we want all of our nonprofit duck races to be a success from the start. With all the excitement of adding a new quacky fundraiser to your nonprofit organization, we don’t want you to lose sight on what is needed to pull off a quacktastic event. Here are five things to always remember from the start, middle, and finish to plan a successful Derby Duck Race event!


1. It’s going to Take Time

The Derby Duck Race is designed to be a signature event. It will take time to introduce a new fundraiser to your community, especially to those who don’t know what a duck race is. Take your time with the planning and follow the timeline we provide you. When you rush this large of an event you will quickly become overwhelmed and you don’t want to let any of the planning fall through the cracks. We recommend to start working with GAME 7-9 months prior to your race date.


2. You will need Volunteer Support

There are many volunteer opportunities when it comes to planning a duck race including Duck Adoptions, logistic support, tagging party, Quacky appearances, phone support, and more! All of these volunteer opportunities are fun but it’s too much for one or two people to handle. Having a great group of volunteers behind you will help you in the long run. The best part of volunteering for a Derby Duck Race? It’s fun for all ages!


3. Sponsors, Sponsors, Sponsors

If you don’t want any event planning costs to come out of your budget, you will need sponsorship support. There are many different and fun sponsorship opportunities with a duck race including prizes, food and entertainment, Duck Adoptions, lease fees, logistic support, Quacky mascot appearances, duck balloon displays, and more! It’s going to take time to secure sponsors so the earlier you start the better! GAME has a variety of sponsorship proposals and ideas you can utilize to help you secure the big bucks!


4. GAME is here to Help You

Since 1988 GAME has been working with nonprofits to help their race grow and become better each year. We like to follow up with you not because we have to but because we WANT to. We love giving each of our racers new, fun ideas they can utilize for their race. If you see an email or phone call from us, don’t ignore it. You never know what great tip might be on the other end. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out to us for help.


5. It’s a lot of FUN

Never lose sight of how much fun planning this type of fundraiser is. A rubber duck brings smiles and that’s what it’s all about: A fun, happy way to raise funds and bring awareness about your nonprofit to your community.

If you are interested in learning more about a Derby Duck Race, please email us directly at or call us at 1-800-779-7223.