Fun Ways to Use your Duck Race Merchandise

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One of the benefits for partnering with GAME is all the fun quacky merchandise you receive with your fundraising package. Here are some fun ways to use your duck race merchandise including promotional items for giveaways and also to promote your race.  Check them out!

Fun Ways to Use Your Duck Race Merchandise

Duck race merchandise being used in a kiddie pool 

Mini Duck Pluck – This is a fun game you can do at your Duck Adoption events and/or duck race. Place 10-15 Derby Ducks or Junior Derby Ducks in a kiddie pool and list a prize on the bottom. When someone Adopts a Duck for the main race, they get to pluck a duck and win a prize! Prizes can include other promotional items such as hats, sunglasses, or necklaces, gift cards, or even additional duck adoptions!


Duckorating – Prior to your race have your sponsors decorate a Corporate Duck and have them on display at your race. Have your duck race fans vote for their favorite duckorated duck and offer a trophy to the winning sponsor! You can also have a smaller duckorating activity at your race for the children!  Use the Corporate Duck as a mount for trophies and awards and as a table centerpiece for your duck adoption events and kick-off party.


Media – The media loves having fun talking about your race. If you are doing an interview wear a hat or necklace while being interviewed. Also provide promotional items for the media to wear while they interview or use for mini games on air!

Duck race merchandise being used in a duck boutique

Duck Package Incentive – You can also use your promotional items as incentives to get your community to adopt ducks in the larger packages. For example, “Adopt a Quack Pack at xyz location this Saturday between 1-3pm and receive a free plush duck!” To make it easy to keep track, make sure you note it has to be an in-person adoption at an duck adoption location as opposed to online.




Sponsors – The 5ft Duck Balloon are great to display at your sponsors’ locations. The 5ft balloons also let your community know where they can Adopt a Duck! Provide promotional items to your sponsors so they can display them or even allow their employees to wear them.

Duck race merchandise used by kids

Duck Scavenger Hunt – Just like an Easter Egg Hunt, you can do a mini duck scavenger hunt on race day. Hide junior Ducks around your race site and have children collect them (either throughout the day or set a time). You can offer a prize if someone finds a specially marked duck too!

Duck race merchandise used for volunteers

Cook-Off – Duck aprons are fun to wear during a duck adoption event, but let’s not forget what aprons are made for! You can do a cook-off either during or prior to your race and have participants wear aprons and hats. Winner of the cook-off will receive a free Quack Pack or any other prize you see fit! Don’t forget to let them keep the hats and aprons as a souvenir!

Duck race merchandise used for kick-off party

Kick-Off Party – Decorate tables with yellow or orange tablecloths and add Ducks, duck necklaces, duck calls and colored ribbon.  Add your adoption forms to tables along with fun colored pens so people can easily adopt a duck at your events.

Team Sales Kits – Create a team sales kit. Include duck adoption forms and a duck apron, a duck call, duck hat and necklace.  Use an Adopt a Duck reusable bag and hand out the bags to all team members at your duck race kick off party.


Photo Booth – Create an “I Adopted a Duck” photo booth at duck adoption events.  Have items such as duck hats, duck sunglasses, duck calls, adopt a duck cards and yellow feathery boas available so duck adopters can take pictures and then share those pictures on social media.  Have a sign set up next to the photo booth with your hashtag for your duck race and encourage people to use your hashtag when posting their pictures on social media.

What are some ways you use your promotional items for your race? Share with us!