Social Media Marketing in 2016 – What Recent Research Reveals

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Social media marketing seems to be a constant state of flux.  It’s a challenge for marketers to keep up with the latest social media marketing trends. We recently read the findings from the 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry report. A total of 5,100 marketers were surveyed on how they use social media to promote their business.

Here is a quick summary from findings from the report:
  • Social media celebrities are the “new” celebrities. Ask a social media celebrity to give a callout to adopt ducks online to their fans.  Social media celebrities can inform their fans about your nonprofit and mission.  They are easier to contact than other celebrities and they have a large following.
  • Video is the fastest route to gain a following. Consumers want faster access to real-time events.  Nonprofits can use Facebook Live Video to promote their causes and fundraising events.  Live Video allows your fans to view behind the scenes of your organization and duck race.  Here are some tips about using Facebook Live Video for your nonprofit and Duck Race.
  • Facebook marketing will continue to rise.  A total of 67% of 5100 marketers surveyed said they will increase their Facebook marketing in 2016. With the recent changes to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm that prevents part of your audience from seeing everything, nonprofits are turning to Facebook ads to help boost engagement. Ads can be a cost-friendly way to expand your reach if you don’t have a large number of followers.
  • Blogging and visual content are the two top content strategies. A total of 75% of marketers surveyed use visual content in their social media marketing and a total of 68% of marketers use blogging.  You can use visual content to tell stories about how you are making a difference in the community.  You can use video to highlight your impact such as volunteers building a house or a stray animal being rescued.  Blogging is an essential marketing tool since it engages your supporters and drives more website traffic.
  • Snapchat is rapidly rising as a social media platform. This mobile app, popular with millennials, allows users to share short videos and photos which are deleted out of the feed after 24 hours.  There were a total of 8 billion views per day on Snapchat during the month of February 2016 alone! For additional Snapchat tips, see our blog: Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Snapchat?

Will you capitalize on any of these 2016 social media trends for your nonprofit? Please let us know on our Facebook page!