Email Campaign Ideas for your Derby Duck Race

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A great way to get the word out about your Derby Duck Race is through email. Instead of the regular “Adopt a Duck” informational emails, here are some fun campaigns you can use to increase your duck adoptions.

Here are some email campaign ideas for your Derby Duck Race:

Save the Date 

Include a Save the Date image in your monthly newsletter if your duck race is taking place more than 3-4 months out.   Include a Derby Duck image along with a date, location, a call to action and your duck adoption website URL.  You can create A Save the Date image in Canva by adding some copy to the belly of a Duck.


Celebrating anniversaries is another great short campaign to run similar to the 24-Hour Duck Adoption Special. If you are celebrating your 10th Duck Race, the theme can be a “Decade of Ducks.” Depending on when you start online duck adoptions, you can have a raffle and give away 10 additional prizes if a person adopts on the 10th of each month.

What a Duck can Do

Create a series of branded images that explain exactly what a duck adoption can do for your organization. What can a $5, $25, $50, $100 Duck Adoption(s) provide for your nonprofit? Let your fans know the specifics! You can email each photo in its own email leading up to your race. 

24-Hour Duck Adoption Special

Send out an email around 7am in your local time and let your fans know they have 24 hours from when the email was sent to Adopt a Duck online to be entered to win a small prize or gift card. The more ducks you adopt, the more entries you will receive.  You can also send an email during the week of your Duck Race Kickoff Party and encourage people to adopt a duck within a certain time period to be entered to win a gift card or prize.

Add a Duck Derby Email Subscription Form to your Duck Adoption Site

Set up a Duck Derby email subscription form on the home page of your duck adoption site. This will also allow you to build an email database of supporters who wish to be notified of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Team Challenge

Send out an email to your team members on a Monday and encourage a goal to hit by the end of the week. Each team who hits that goal or the first to hit the goal receives a small prize or gift card. 

Duck Emergency

Save this campaign for your last week leading up to your race. Send the email with the subject line: Duck Emergency. In the email put a call to action that the race is almost here and you still have ducks to adopt to reach your goal. Also include a screen shot of your duck adoption tracker to show how much further you have to go. Another option is to include in your email how a certain duck adoption package will help your nonprofit.  With the purchase of a Quack Pack you are helping to pay for a yearly Boys and Girls Club membership fee for one child.  People tend to wait until the last minute and this will be the final push to encourage those remaining adoptions.

Thank You

This campaign isn’t about getting duck adoptions but more of a way to say thank you to your sponsors, volunteers, and community. In your email show how your organization has or will benefit from the duck race. i.e. Because of your support, we were able to purchase new sports equipment for the children at our Boys & Girls Club. Thank You!

What are some email campaigns that have worked for your Derby Duck Race? Share with Us.