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Three Strategies to Add to Your Social Media Playbook

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This is the time of year that whether you are a sports fan or not, you have to sit back in amazement at the marketing machine behind the National Football League. The NFL and its teams have mastered what it takes to create loyal fans who are engaged throughout the year.  How can you rally your nonprofit supporters using some of the principles of a sports team’s social media playbook?

Below are 3 easy ways you can begin implementing social media strategies from the sports professionals into your playbook.


Give Fans a Glimpse into Your Pre-Season Training

Pre-Season does not have to be limited to sports. This time of preparation also applies to our nonprofit partners as their fundraising season approaches. A Duck Race is made possible through many individual and corporate supporters and milestones that build up to race day.  Why not share this with your fans? Reveal behind-the-scenes activities such as posting a photo of when your duck shipment arrives, share information on adoption events, and post tagging party photos. You can also post photos or videos of the ducks swimming in a test run for your race course. Get creative!

  Duck Race Tagging Party Volunteers      Duck Race volunteers
Get Your Fans Excited About the Big Event

As your race day approaches, use social media to remind your fans about all of the important details of the big day to create excitement. Mention a new attraction, a surprise guest appearance and/or the fabulous prizes.  The What a Duck Can Do Campaign  shows your audience exactly what their duck adoption will do for your organization.  It will motivate your fans to find out more about your organization and Adopt a Duck.

St. Tammany Duck Derby Prizes
Post Highlights Throughout the GAME

Your game day is race day. Everyone loves to see highlights of the game so why not do the same with your duck race? Share action photos straight from the event when the race starts, during the event and of the winners.  Since videos are the most shareable Facebook posts, use Facebook Live to provide up to the minute coverage of duck race day.  Live video ideas include last minute race course preparations, launching of ducks or announcing winners live.

For other ideas on using Facebook Live, check out our latest blog post: Using Facebook LIVE Video for your Nonprofit.  Give your participants online memories that they can access and better yet, share with others.  Below is a video courtesy of East Idaho News showing the duck drop for the 2016 Great Snake River Idaho Falls Duck Race benefiting the Idaho Falls Rotary Club.

What other ideas have you used to rally your cause as part of your social media playbook?  Share them with us!