How you board can help with year-end fundraising

How Your Board Can Help with Year-End Fundraising

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Whether you are prepared for December fundraising or are playing catch up, there are still opportunities for your board to help with  year-end fundraising. Here are some ideas on how your board can help with year-end fundraising and help meet your fundraising goals this year.

Thank You Calls

A personal phone call is one of the easiest ways for board members to reach out to donors.  In one study donors receiving a thank you call within 24 hours of making their gift gave 39% more.  Fourteen months later, those donors gave 42% more than donors who didn’t get a call.  You can help board members be successful with thank you calls by providing them with some tools.  Give them sample thank you scripts, background on donors, giving history, and sample discovery questions they can ask donors.  Donors reluctant to talk directly to donors can use apps that will connect them directly to a donor’s voicemail.

Make their own gift and share 

Board members of most nonprofit organizations expect to participate in fundraising.  Their gift can be large or small but it should be a gift that is meaningful to them.

Be a social media ambassador

Your board can increase awareness about your organization’s activities by sharing your organization’s social media posts and encouraging their friends to support your cause.  If you have some board members who really enjoy talking to others, put them in charge of collecting stories.  Interviewing staff, clients, or volunteers to discover inspiring stories provides your nonprofit with material you can use to promote your mission.

Handwrite personal thank you notes

Another idea is to ask a board member who enjoys party planning to organize a thank you note writing party either before a campaign starts or as a post-campaign showing gratitude to your donors.  A thank you note party can be planned during lunch or as a late afternoon activity complete with some afternoon food goodies.

How are some ways you get your board involved with year-end fundraising?  Share them with us!