Derby Duck Fundraiser

When you partner with GAME, you gain a team of marketing, fundraising and event professionals who specialize in the Derby Duck Fundraiser for nonprofit organizations. We want our client’s success to be measured not only by how many ducks are adopted, but also by how much revenue is raised through sponsorships. The Derby Duck Fundraiser is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your community and cultivate relationships.

Businesses love to sponsor the Derby Duck Fundraiser. It is an amazing event that can provide a minimum of 6 weeks exposure in their local community and in some cases national exposure. If you have any questions or if you would like to see a sample budget please feel free to contact us at (480) 222-0922 or Otherwise please continue on to view our marketing packages.

Customized Duck Packages

We don’t just rent rubber ducks; the ducks are the fluff! We provide turnkey, customized packages, that include everything you need to market to your community on the ground as well as through social media. We create and implement campaigns to allow you to have a successful fundraiser. With GAME you are not alone.

Flocking into the Digital World

What once was a grass roots, boots on the ground fundraiser has now become easier thanks to social media and our mobile optimized online software called Equack. With our team, we help your Derby Duck Fundraiser go digital and expand the reach in your community.

Already Have Ducks?

Are you racing ugly ducklings that just can’t take you to the next level? Contact GAME today and learn about our Buy Back Program. GAME will purchase your non Derby Ducks so that you can begin utilizing GAME tools including our mobile optimized Adoption and Event Management software in order to take your fundraiser to the next level.

Derby Duck Fundraiser