Derby Duck Fundraiser

Who is GAME?

In 1988, the Derby Duck Fundraiser would reinvent fundraising events forever with a rubber duck fundraising event in Tempe, Arizona which combined community, sponsors and nonprofits in a fun and unique way. Today the Derby Duck Fundraiser has worked with over 2,000 organizations worldwide, including Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Food Banks and Humane Societies to help them raise funds through our unique, family friendly event.

When you partner with GAME, you gain a team of marketing, fundraising and event professionals who specialize in the Derby Duck Fundraiser for nonprofit organizations. We want our client’s success to be measured not only by how many ducks are adopted, but also by how much revenue is raised through sponsorships. A Derby Duck Fundraiser is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your community and cultivate relationships.

GAME’s Derby Duck Fundraisers are famous not just for their ducks with sunglasses, but because they know the key to a successful fundraising event is partnership. That partnership begins with GAME’s experience and ongoing support. Our goal is to help you create a successful fundraising event for your nonprofit or cause.

By providing consulting on essential elements as sponsorship, volunteer management, logistics, marketing, and social media, GAME has made the Derby Duck Fundraiser the cause marketing event of today. Because GAME uses cutting edge fundraising techniques learned since our beginnings in 1988, we have helped our partners take their fundraising to the next level. Since each Derby Duck Fundraiser is unique to the community, it helps increase awareness for your nonprofit or cause. This in turn generates the much needed exposure that helps fuel your cause and your sponsors ROI.

We invite your nonprofit to be a part of our Derby Duck Fundraiser family, allowing us to partner with you to create a signature fundraising event. Connect with us and put the “fun” back into fundraising!

GAME offers customized fundraising packages to allow organizations and communities of all sizes to join in on the fun and success of its Derby Duck Fundraisers.

Unlike other fundraising companies GAME does not take a percentage of the total amount raised. We keep it simple. No hidden costs. GAME highly recommends that all costs are covered by sponsors secured by your board, volunteers and organization. Sponsors will generally receive a minimum of 6 weeks of exposure leading up to your event.
Derby Duck Fundraiser