Derby Duck Fundraiser

We have numerous reasons why a Derby Duck Race would be great for any nonprofit organization. Here are our top 10 reasons why your nonprofit should do a Derby Duck Race fundraiser.

10. Raise Thousands of Dollars Every Year for Your Organization

Whether your nonprofit organization is large or small, a Derby Duck Race allows your group to raise thousands of dollars for your cause. The longer you race the more opportunity there is to bring awareness to your organization.

9. Bring Your Entire Community Together

There are multiple ways your community can be involved in a Duck Race! Whether sponsoring your event, logistics, adopting ducks, promoting your race on a local media outlet, or just out to enjoy the day and watch the ducks – there is something for EVERYONE to enjoy!

8. Create Unique Sponsorship Opportunities

A Derby Duck Race offers fun sponsorship opportunities. Not only can you offer logo placement on thousands of Adoption Papers, Marketing Collateral and on your Duck Race website, but you can include inflatable duck balloon displays, media mentions, Quacky appearances, kick-off parties, t-shirts, winning duck announcers, and more! When you partner with GAME we help you create the best sponsor proposals and levels that fit your race!

7. Quacky Fun with the Media

A Derby Duck Race provides a perfect opportunity to partner with local media outlets to cover your event and bring awareness to your nonprofit. Our merchandise collateral is a great way to promote your event and get the local news anchors excited about your upcoming event!

6. A Fun Event for the Entire Family

Kids go “quacky” for these ducks which makes a Derby Duck Race a great fundraiser for the entire family to enjoy. These ducks bring out the kid in everyone!

5. Numerous Volunteer Opportunities

A Derby Duck Race provides unlimited volunteer opportunities anywhere from Duck Adoptions, to Duck Tagging, to Duck Cleanup after your race. The possibilities are endless! The best part? Just about anyone at any age can participate as a volunteer. Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and kids can all help volunteer at the Duck Race.

4. A Staple Fundraiser in Your Community

We have been partnering with nonprofits since 1988 to help bring a duck race fundraiser to their communities. The Derby Duck Race has made a name for itself in our racers’ communities and has brought awareness to nonprofits and their causes.

  1. Brevard County, FL – Racing for 20 years
  2. Gainesville, GA – Racing for 20 years
  3. Silverdale, WA – Racing for 25 years
  4. Palmdale, CA – Racing for 13 years
  5. Port Angeles, WA – Racing for 29 years
  6. Rapid City, SD – Racing for 29 years
  7. Santa Cruz, CA – Racing for 21 years
  8. Greenville, SC – Racing for 14 years
  9. Cincinnati, OH – Racing for 24 years
  10. Walla Walla, WA – Racing for 21 years
  11. Louisville, KY – Racing for 15 years
  12. Texarkana, TX – Racing for 29 years
  13. Aspen, CO – Racing for 27 years

3. Duck Race Support From a Team of Professionals

When you partner with GAME not only do you receive Derby Ducks to race but you also receive a training workshop, marketing consulting, sponsorship help, and logistic support.  We also provide Adoption Papers, Marketing Collateral, Enhanced Mobile-Friendly Software, Promotional Items, and more! We are here to help guide our racers in the right direction in planning a successful fundraising event.

2. Derby Ducks Can Race on All Types of Race Courses

Our derby ducks race on many different types of raceways including rivers, lakes, water parks, swimming pools, man-made courses, slip-n-slides, canals, and fountains! We’ve even seen an obstacle course! If you don’t have water, no problem. You can do a Duck Pluck and have just as much fun!

1. A Fun Way to Bring Awareness to Your Organization and Cause

A Derby Duck Race puts the FUN into Fundraising! It is a great way to bring awareness about your nonprofit organization and cause. A Duck Race sets you apart from other fundraisers in your area and will have a whole community QUACKING about your organization!

So what are you waiting for?! Contact us today to learn how we can help you race ducks! Email us at or call 800-779-RACE.

Derby Duck Fundraiser