Rubber Duck Race For Nonprofits

Hey GAME friends, Krystal, your Social Media and Marketing Manager here! As the Steel City Duck Derby approaches this Saturday, I couldn’t help but look back on my trip to Pittsburgh for their workshop last summer. It was my first in person workshop since COVID and I couldn’t have been more excited. There’s something about in person workshops and interacting with our partners that you just can’t get with a virtual workshop. Not to say they weren’t effective but, I’m a social butterfly. I love getting to meet our new partners, seeing their organization first hand, brainstorming alongside with them and exploring their city.

My hosts from Partners for Quality did not disappoint in taking me to local spots and showing me what Pittsburgh was all about, while discussing all things ducks. I tried local beer (restaurant ended up becoming one of their sponsors), had a Primanti Bro’s sandwhich (apparently it’s a staple go to in Pittsburgh) and we even got to see some ducks checking out the raceway first hand. Seeing it all come together for their team in the last 8 months has been awesome to see and we’re excited for their kickoff event at Allegheny Commons Park on Saturday.

To find out more about their race and how they are working to raise money to continue to  provide administrative management for their family of agencies, who serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, go to: Steel City Duck Derby