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There are many ways for your nonprofit to create more awareness about your organization.  But what is one of the best ways to create some buzz?  Create a Social Media Committee.  What is a Social Media Committee?

A social media committee is a team of supporters who are passionate about your mission and who spend a lot of time on social media sites.  Think of your social committee members as “brand ambassadors” for your nonprofit.  The first step in starting a committee is to identify your members.  Make a list of your volunteers, Board members, donors, community members and staff members that are active on social media sites.  When approaching potential members, be clear about your goals and emphasize how important their involvement will be to your success.   After assembling your team, plan a meeting to talk about how the social committee will work.  Make the meeting fun! You can plan it at a fun location or meet at a local restaurant.

Social Media Committee Tips

  • Training – Your committee will need some training so make sure that they have the tools they need to be successful.  At your kick off meeting, hand out a kit that includes talking points. Include information about the history of your nonprofit, your programs, links to social media sites, key facts about your organization, your newsletter and calendar of events.  Provide some fun swag too!
  • Communicate Weekly – Make it easy for your committee to communicate effectively about your organization.  Stay in touch with emails.  You should also have face to face meetings or conference calls every so often to communicate your goals and deadlines.   An example of a goal would be that your committee retweet and/or like one of your nonprofit’s posts per week. People like to talk, so give them something to talk about!  Send a weekly status about upcoming events, success stories, fundraising campaigns, blog posts, or videos that they can share on their own social media networks.
  • Keep Organized – A great way to stay organized is to create a calendar in Trello.  Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards that all of the social committee members can access.  In Trello, you can upload images, graphics, documents, and sample posts that your committee can download and use.
  • Bonus Tip – Your social media committee can share your duck race posts during race season to help build excitement about your race.  After all, if they are already passionate about your cause, talking and posting about how ducks can benefit your nonprofit will be easy!

Creating a social media committee for your nonprofit

Keep in mind that your social media committee is made up of volunteers who are helping you spread the word about all of the good your nonprofit is doing in the world. Make sure that the committee is thanked for their support and consider having an event at the end of the year where they are recognized.  Do you use a social media committee to help create more awareness about your nonprofit? Let us know!

Derby Duck Fundraiser