Derby Duck Fundraiser

Committee Organization​

Getting your staff, boards, and volunteers organized in correct roles is ​

crucial. To be efficient in the planning and execution of your fundraising event, GAME ​

suggests the following for the committee roles. We recommend a minimum of 2-3 people per ​committee.​

In many instances, an organization may select to combine two or three committees. It ​

is imperative that all committees understand they must work together and ​

communicate for the benefit of the rubber duck race. Often there will be some ​

crossover between two committees to finalize a particular aspect of the race.

Head Duck​

The Head Duck will oversee all aspects of the duck race and will make all​

decisions as it pertains to the structure, layout, and operations. The Head Duck ​

will communicate the needs of each committee to ensure a cooperative environment ​

in which the responsibilities and needs of each committee are being met. ​

  • Oversees all duck race committees​.
  • Capable of delegation and follow-up​.
  • The management and business leader.
  • Serves as the liaison between their organization and the GAME team.
  • Able to assemble quality committees, execute plans and meet deadlines​.
  • Skilled at recruiting and cultivating people best suited for the various key responsibilities​.

Sponsorship Chair

  • Requires a strong working knowledge of sponsorship acquisition​.
  • Oversees all sponsorship acquisition and is the main contact for sponsors ​.
  • Responsible for creating presentations for the media to solicit sponsor​s.
  • Capable of establishing sponsorship levels and the components involved​.
  • A background or understanding of marketing, advertising and promotion​.
  • Capable of contacting, negotiating, and closing media & sponsor deals​​.

Adoption Chair

  • Must have a sales background and sales experience​.
  • Secures adoption event dates and locations​.
  • Manages adoption event staff and volunteers.
  • Able to motivate teams to sell, distribute and collect adoptions​.
  • Able to recruit and cultivate volunteers to work at adoption events.
  • Collects adoption papers from adoption events and sponsor locations.

Equack Chair

  • Prior experience in database management and marketing​ is vital.
  • An advanced understanding of computer software and technology​.
  • Able to coordinate and train volunteers who will perform data entry.​
  • Works with GAME to setup and manage the online adoption website​.
  • Interface with the adoption committee chair, provides data of sales for meetings​.
  • Able to plan for week of event and race day sales, assigning tag ranges to teams and identifying race winners.

Logistics Chair

  • Experience with event production and assistance from volunteers and staff​.
  • Hands on person who is mechanically inclined, possessing strong organizational skills and execution​.
  • Able to execute a tagging party, provide manpower and a facility for transportation and storage of ducks.
  • Responsible for the race day event, including operations, manpower, venue coordination, race site and management, equipment, communication, racecourse design, test, trap, and post-race responsibilities​.
  • Responsible for post-race clean up, cleaning and organizing the ducks and getting them ready to ship the to the next race city.

Marketing & Social Media Chair

  • Plans and implements the digital marketing campaign for the duck race.
  • Creates new and engaging content to post on social media on a regular basis leading up to the event​.
  • Acknowledges and tags sponsors in social media posts as part of their sponsorship package​.
  • Communicates with GAME regarding their Facebook ad campaign and social media content.
  • In charge of posting to all social media accounts during duck season leading up to the duck race.

Organizing Your Volunteers​

Once you have organized your committees and identified the best chair for each committee, you will want to look at recruiting a few motivated volunteers to assist each chair. Make sure to identify the strengths of each person to ensure they are qualified and have the time to commit to the role. Once you have recruited volunteers, you should identify which committee is best for each person’s skill set.​

Derby Duck Fundraiser