Rubber Duck Race For Nonprofits

Happy New Year racers! With just a few days left of 2016, it’s time to start thinking about your resolutions for 2017.  Resolutions are all about making yourself better – but why can’t that include your nonprofit?  Pick a few resolutions that we have listed down below that resonate with you and incorporate them in your duck race planning for next year.

Here is a list of resolutions related to your rubber duck race:
  • Complete and return all of my racer forms by the deadline.
  • Create team sales kits to motivate teams to meet their goals. Include duck adoption papers, sample emails, social media posts, sales tips, and duck merchandise.
  • Schedule a duck race kick-off party two months prior to your race at a local restaurant.
  • Increase online Duck Adoption Sales by 15%.
  • Post all year long about your race on social media, not just during race season. Ask trivia questions about your race or nonprofit and award a small prize for the person who answers correctly.
  • Create a simple hashtag for your race to use on social media, your duck adoption website and marketing materials (for example: #chicagoduckrace).
  • Get the media’s attention by wrapping a press release around a duck call, sending duck shaped cookies or having Quacky help with the weather forecast.
  • Tell the story of why you race rubber ducks with a photo book that you show potential sponsors. Chatbooks allows you to create a photo book for just $8 including shipping.
  • Implement a “What a Duck Can Do” campaign to let your fans know exactly what their donations do for your nonprofit.
  • Make an extra effort to ensure the racing ducks are sparkling clean before they travel to the next race.
  • Like GAME Fundraising’s Facebook Page and Twitter Page to keep up to date on racer news and other nonprofit tips.
  • Read the GAME Fundraising Blog for ideas on promoting your race and to learn the latest nonprofit news.
  • If possible, visit another race and learn about their organization.
  • Contact another duck racer to share ideas. GAME can put you in contact with someone.
  • After the race, sit down with my duck race committee and discuss ways to improve the race with my nonprofit and with GAME.

Share any of your Duck Race Resolutions with us on Facebook! Wishing everyone a successful 2017 Duck Race Season!