Derby Duck Fundraiser

Duck Season has come to a close and it certainly has been a busy one! However, just because the ducks are on a well-deserved vacation now doesn’t mean that they can’t still be talked about during non-race season.  Here are some duck race promotions for all year that you can implement to keep your duck race in the minds of your donors all year.

Duck Jokes

These are simple and fun to post on slower social media days or Fridays before you head into the weekend.  You can create some fun duck joke images in Canva in a matter of minutes.

rubber duck race promotions for all year with a duck joke

Funny Duck Images

If you Google image search “funny ducklings” you will find a lot of fun photos of ducks to post.

Inspiring Quotes

People love seeing positive posts so find an inspiring quote and post it.  It doesn’t need to be about ducks.

rubber duck race promotions for all year with an inspiring quote

Post media coverage about your organization

Share press coverage your nonprofit has received throughout the year.  Fans are interested in what your next projects and events are so share it with them.

rubber duck promotions all year with media coverage

Showcase what your duck adoptions did for your community

Include how duck race funds have specifically helped your nonprofit. For example,  we were able to expand our animal shelter due to proceeds from the duck race or we were able to feed xx number of people this year at the Food Bank due to duck race proceeds.  You can also tell a story of how duck adoptions will benefit your organization.

rubber duck race promotions for all year showing how duck adoption helped

Post past race photos

These are great to post for #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFridays.  It reminds your fans how much fun your first duck race was and how it continues to grow and help the community.

rubber duck race promotions all year showing Throwback Thursday

Post trivia about your organization or duck race

Ask questions about your duck race and/or organization and offer a small prize to the winner.  You can also tie in “You can find the answer on our website” to help your fans out as well a drive traffic to your website.

Have your Quacky Mascot involved in events throughout the year

Your Quacky Mascot can make appearances at holiday parades, fall events, sporting events, carnivals, and can visit your sponsors throughout the year.

rubber duck race promotions all year with mascot appearances

How are some ways that you promote your Duck Race throughout the year? Let us know!

Derby Duck Fundraiser