Derby Duck Fundraiser

Every one of GAME’s nonprofit partners and rubber duck races are unique and different in their own way. This allows us to learn different perspectives on different ways to host this type of fundraiser.  This month our blog features a Duck Racer Spotlight on Kennewick, WA and the Tri-Cities Rotary Club.

Organization Name: The Tri-Cities Rotary Club

Years Racing with GAME: 28

Head Duck: Rick Routh (2016)

Duck racer spotlight on Kennewick, WA race poster

Tell us a little bit about your organization and why you are racing Derby Ducks:

Our Race is put on by the combined effort of our six local Rotary Clubs to raise funds to support each Club’s charitable donations, scholarship programs and community projects. All six of our Rotary Clubs sell tickets and are involved in all aspects of planning the Derby Duck Race.

What is your favorite part of planning a Derby Duck Race?

Experiencing the enthusiasm and generosity of our community when we approach them for the various goods and services we need to put on our Race.

Do you have any duck race tips you would share with a first time racer?

Involve the community and make it a spectacle. Launching 40,000 ducks in the water is quite a visual.  Otherwise, it’s just a raffle.

Duck racer spotlight on Kennewick, WA duck adoption event

How do you keep your race fresh and new year after year?

After 28 years now, our Race has become something of an institution in our community, with people looking forward to it almost like the coming of Spring. The fact that we have a brand new car as our Grand Prize and typically almost 50 other prizes, plus other coupon offers on our tickets for items at local businesses also keeps people buying tickets year after year.

Duck racer spotlight on Kennewick, WA car prize

What is something some people might not know about your organization and/or Derby Duck Race?

The money raised by our Race stays in our community to make it a better place to live and to help those individuals who are in need.

What are some organizational goals you are trying to achieve with your Derby Duck Race?

Fundraising and promoting the work of Rotary locally and around the world.

What is your favorite phrase or quote?

Lend a hand, buy a duck (our Race slogan)

What is your favorite Ducktionary Phrase?

Quackerbacker. We have several recognition levels for people/companies purchasing 25, 50, 100 or more tickets.

Derby Duck Fundraiser