Derby Duck Fundraiser

After two weeks resting up, our ducks are back in three cities this Saturday! Both Wakefield Rotary Club and Montville Athletic Club are racing for the 1st time alongside veteran racer, Cedar Rapids Daybreak Rotary. A grand total of 20,000 ducks will race between these cities to raise money for youth and family-focused programs. If you find one in your area, be sure to check out the festivities and even adopt a duck. You never know, you could be the lucky winner of a cash prize!

1. Super Duper Duck Splash
Ducks Racing: 5,000
Organization: Wakefield Rotary Club of Wake Forest
Where: Wake Forest, NC
Who They Serve: Various local non-profits including Boys & Girls Club, Note in the Pocket, NCFC Youth and SAFEchild.

NC Duck Splash

2. Broncos Lucky Duck Pluck
Ducks Racing: 5,000
Organization: Montville Athletic League
Where: Montville, NJ
Who They Serve: Montville Athletic League, an organization that provides a variety of athletic programs in Montville Township.

Broncos Lucky Duck Pluck- fundraiser for young athletes

3. The Great Eastern Iowa Duck Race
Ducks Racing: 10,000
Organization: Cedar Rapids Daybreak Rotary
Where: Cedar Rapids, IA
Who They Serve: Various local non-profits including YouthPort at Polk Education Center, Jon Cushing Sunshine Foundation, ESNA Village Network and Legacy for Learning.

Great Eastern Iowa Duck Race- rubber duck race

Derby Duck Fundraiser