Derby Duck Fundraiser

Is your nonprofit looking for a unique event to take your fundraising to the next level? Consider adding a duck race to your fundraising plans!  A rubber duck race allows your nonprofit to break away from the same old fundraisers allowing for a broader reach of your organization’s message.

What is a Rubber Duck Race?

A duck race is a fundraising event that allows your nonprofit and community to come together by allowing members of your community to “adopt” a rubber duck for $5.  Adopted ducks are then dropped into a waterway and race to the finish line to win prizes for their adoptive parents.

Planning a Rubber Duck Race
  • Timeline: A rubber duck race is a signature fundraising event. We recommend you start to plan at least 7-9 months prior to your race date.
  • Volunteers: A successful rubber duck race can’t happen without the help of committed volunteers.  Volunteer opportunities include duck adoptions, logistics support, tagging party, and more! We consult with our nonprofit racers on ways they can recruit volunteers for their rubber duck race.

Duck race fundraiser   KID Duck Fest Derby

  • Sponsors: The most important component of a rubber duck race is securing sponsorships. You should be able to say that 100% of every duck adoption is going directly to your organization.  Our fundraising team helps each client with sponsorship design that is customized to allow them to secure big bucks for their racing ducks!
  • Logistics: You actually don’t need a water source to launch ducks! Besides typical raceways such as rivers and lakes, GAME has experience with a variety of other raceway types.
Promoting a Rubber Duck Race
  • Social Media: Social media is just one of the tools you can use to encourage duck adoptions. GAME consults with our nonprofit partners on ways to use social media to promote their race.
  • Media Support: You will want to secure media coverage for your event.  Media support gives your event more credibility and publicity and saves your nonprofit money on advertising.
  • Promotional Ideas: In addition to promoting your duck race on social media, there are different promotional ideas you can implement. We consult with you on ideas that you can use to get the community quacking about your event!
  • Mobile-Friendly Software: All of our partners get access to our mobile-friendly software, which was created and optimized especially for duck races.
GAME is Your Rubber Duck Race Partner

Let our fundraising professionals provide you with the necessary tools to run a successful rubber duck race.  Contact us at or call us at (800) 779-RACE.

Derby Duck Fundraiser