Derby Duck Fundraiser

The week of your duck race your nonprofit needs that final push to get all your ducks adopted. Here are some ideas to encourage last minute duck adoptions. These ideas will catch the attention of your community and drive traffic to your duck adoption site.

Here are some ideas to encourage last minute duck adoptions:

1. Post a Duck Emergency Image.  To encourage people to adopt who are procrastinating the last week,  post a duck emergency image. GAME has several images to choose from or you can easily create your own image in Canva.  Here is an example of content you can include with the image:  “Duck Emergency! There are still some ducks left to adopt for our duck race this weekend.  You don’t want to miss out on some ducktastic prizes so better get moving before we sell out of ducks!” Include your call to action and your duck adoption website URL.

Ideas to encourage last minute duck adoptions

2. Post a Screenshot of your duck adoption total.  Youth Emergency Services and Shelter posted on Instagram a screenshot of their duck adoption total. They also included the following caption: 3 days and 6,000 ducks left to go! Please adopt a duck today at and help us spread the message. Every duck adoption matters for Iowa’s kids!

Ideas to encourage last minute duck adoptions 3. Team Totals.  PACE Center for Girls keeps teams updated on their weekly duck adoption totals. Every week,  a QUACK CHAT image is posts on Facebook and Instagram. A fun duck image shows the top community and staff teams so they can keep updated on their progress.

Ideas to encourage last minute duck adoptions - team totals

4. Email Blast – Send an email blast to your donor database a few days before your race. You should also send out an email about 3 weeks prior to your race.  The racers who send out an email the last week of their race do see an increase in duck adoptions.  Adding a creative flair and subject line to your email increases the chances of it being opened.  Our racer in Reno, Nevada ( Nevada Humane Society) sent a series of emails about ducks who have overcome obstacles by competing in the duck race.   Make sure to include your call to action and a link to your duck adoption site.

5. Board Member Challenge – Give 20 adoption papers to each one of your board members duck race committee members and challenge them to return all 20 completed by the Friday evening before your race.

6. Quack Attack – Have your Quacky mascot go around town the last week of your race and “dance” around random people until they adopt a duck.

7.  Have a duck mascot dance competition – Our nonprofit partner, Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners in Denver, Colorado, had a day of cash prize for their race in 2016. To enter, people had to participate in a dance-off competition with their duck mascot. The cash prize incentivized people to attend their event.

Ideas to encourage last minute duck adoptions - duck mascot dance competition

How does your nonprofit encourage last minute duck adoptions the week of your race? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

Derby Duck Fundraiser