Derby Duck Fundraiser

Our ducks are making quite the splash this weekend with nearly 80,000 ducks hitting the water in 5 cities. From California to Virginia, check out below to see where our ducks are making their appearance and the quacktastic causes they’re racing for!

1. The Graham Duck Derby
Ducks Racing: 10,000
Organization: Rotary Club of Graham
Where: Graham, TX
Who They Serve: All proceeds will benefit local causes such as Backpack Buddies, college scholarships, Teacher Appreciation Breakfast and more.

Graham Duck Derby
Duck derby
Rubber duck race

2. Ken-Ducky Derby
Ducks Racing: 46,000
Organization: Harbor House of Louisville
Where: Louisville, KY
Who They Serve: Individuals with developmental disabilities by providing training and development programs for them and their families.

Rubber duck race, duck race, duck derby

3. Paducky Derby
Ducks Racing: 7,000
Organization:Merryman House
Where: Paducah, KY
Who They Serve: Provide services for individuals and families affected by domestic services.

Rubber duck race, duck race, Paducky Derby, duck derby

4. Pulaski Duck Race
Ducks Racing: 5,000
Organization: YMCA of Pulaski County
Where: Pulaski, VA
Who They Serve: Offer various fitness related activities and child development center to help people grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

Rubber duck race, duck race, Pulaski Duck Race

5. Omega Nu Ducky Derby
Ducks Racing: 12,000
Organization: Omega Nu
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Who They Serve: Local charities and families in the Santa Cruz area.

Rubber duck race, duck derby, duck race

Derby Duck Fundraiser