Derby Duck Fundraiser

With the 2021 Duck Season approaching, we wanted to feature one of our most successful duck racers of 2020, the Nevada Humane Society.

The rapid onset of the pandemic changed everyone’s lives very quickly and how we all functioned on a day to day basis. Many in-person fundraising events were cancelled, and non-profits began to struggle with finding ways to raise money for their organizations. 2020 was a trying year for all of us.

The events fundraising industry had to make many adaptations to survive, including the rubber duck race fundraiser. All of our racers, both new and old, had to come up with innovative strategies to produce successful events in a virtual world.

The Nevada Humane Society Duck Race didn’t let the pandemic slow them down whatsoever. They found new ways to construct their event, and more than doubled their duck adoption goal and revenue from previous years. The final results? Over 47,000 ducks adopted and almost $200,000 in duck adoption revenue raised! 2020 was their 6th year racing, and the most successful one yet.

In conclusion, we can always let unfortunate circumstances be an excuse to give up. Or we can rise up to the challenge, and come up with innovative ways to keep moving forward. Stay tuned to read about more of our racers who had successful events in 2020!

Watch the Nevada Humane Society Duck Race video here.

Derby Duck Fundraiser