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Nonprofits are continuing to use content marketing as a strategic marketing approach to distribute valuable content, attract audiences, and to ultimately drive action.

Here are some free tools to boost your nonprofit content marketing:

Make My Persona by Hubspot

You can easily develop customer personas and when you are done inputting your data, you are given a customer snapshot that you can reference for your marketing campaigns.

Yoast Plug In

The Yoast SEO WordPress Plug In is a great tool since it helps you keep your blog posts at a consistent length.  In addition, you are able to add keywords to your blog posts.

Hemingway App

This tool ensures that readability across your website remains consistent.  It will suggest how to make your content more readable and will breakdown how much of your content is hard or very hard to read.


A popular organizational platform that allows you to capture, nurture and share your ideas across any device.


You can create to-do cards that are easy to edit and prioritize which helps you manage projects, stay on task and collaborate on content in real time.

Google AdWords

Even if you aren’t planning on running a Google Adwords campaign, there are free tools to determine what keywords you should be using on your website to help with search engine optimization (SEO).


Allows anyone in your nonprofit to become a designer. You can create images for your website, blog, Facebook twitter, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.


Create and publish interactive and engaging visual content such as charts and infographics.

Headline Analyzer

This tool will score your headline quality and rates its ability to drive social shares, traffic and SEO value.


MailChimp has a free email platform for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 monthly emails.

Google Analytics

Allows you to analyze data across ads, videos, social tools, websites, tablets and smartphones to get a more complete view of your website visitors.

Share with us any tools that you use to help you with your content marketing strategy.


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