Derby Duck Fundraiser

The Victoria Duck Safari, presented by the Victoria Symphony, made quite a splash in the fall of 2020.

It was the organization’s first year racing and they managed to adopt more than triple their original duck adoption goal. When they first started they had hoped to adopt 5,000 ducks, but ended up adopting 16,000 ducks total!

The Victoria Duck Safari did an amazing job promoting their event on Facebook and Instagram by sharing images they created, as well as content from the shared images on Equack. They also made their own custom promo video, which you can view here.

The Victoria Duck Safari partnered with 23 local nonprofits, including YMCA of the Golden Crescent, The Texas Zoo, Junior League of Victoria and many more.

Despite the pandemic and it being their first year racing, the Victoria Duck Safari was very successful. The hard work amongst the team members, community organizations and sponsors helped create a rewarding community event for everyone involved.

Be sure to check out the Victoria Duck Safari Facebook, where you can watch multiple videos that were live streamed during their inaugural event.

Derby Duck Fundraiser