Rubber Duck Race For Nonprofits

At GAME, we strive to provide our fundraising partners with the tools they need to host a successful duck race. Even though it’s been 3 years since the pandemic started, many non-profits are still in need of alternatives to physical fundraising events. That is where the virtual rubber duck race comes in.

We’ve implemented various tools to help our racers continue to raise funds throughout the on-going pandemic. With our duck race software, Equack, we provide a random race winners tool that our fundraising partners can use to find their virtual race winners. We also offer a virtual gift bag, which racers can use in collaboration with their sponsors to provide virtual offers and promotions to duck adopters on their websites. Our marketing packages also include an option for a virtual duck race video, which we create for our racers to use in place of a physical duck race, or to promote their upcoming duck race.

Just like a physical rubber duck race, but without the crowds or many people in attendance, a virtual duck race allows non-profits to tailor their fundraising events to their own needs. Whether that means racing rubber ducks and live streaming the event on social media or replacing the physical race completely with a virtual duck race video, GAME is here to help.